Aaron Rodgers continues to prove his commitment to the NY Jets

Aaron Rodgers is here to stay

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

The NY Jets had a plan when they traded for Aaron Rodgers this offseason. Not only was the goal to acquire a four-time MVP quarterback who would immediately bolster their Super Bowl chances, but they made the move with the future in mind as well.

The plan has never been for Rodgers to play one season in New York and then depart for greener (likely retirement-based) pastures. Rodgers and the Jets have made it clear from the start that this is a multi-year arrangement.

The 10-time Pro Bowler spoke to reporters following Tuesday's practice and, once again, reiterated the same thing he's said since joining the Jets. Rodgers isn't going anywhere.

"This is going to be a few-year partnership," Rodgers told reporters. Rodgers plans to play in Florham Park for at least the next two seasons, and the possibility for future years is very much still on the table.

Every step of the way, Rodgers has continued to prove his commitment to the Jets' organization.

Aaron Rodgers is committed to the NY Jets

Rodgers told reporters that as long as his body holds up and the Jets want him, he'll be sticking around for multiple years. That reaffirmation is certainly nice to hear.

It's not just Rodgers' words, though. His actions make it clear that he is all-in on the Jets too. Rodgers' new restructured contract is essentially a two-year deal with multiple options if he plans to stick around further. He also took a $35 million pay cut to help the Jets primarily save money in 2024.

Whether that means the Jets could go out and make a splash at the trade deadline or wait until the offseason to add more pieces around Rodgers, the end goal is the same. Rodgers is helping the Jets do whatever they can to win a Super Bowl within the next 2-3 years.

What better way to prove your trust and faith in an organization than by surrendering $35 million of your own money to help them win both now and in the future? Rodgers didn't just take the largest pay cut in team sports history out of the kindness of his heart. He wants to win.

"It wasn't really a negotiation, like back and forth, me starting at 50 and them starting at 20 and meeting somewhere. It was an easy conversation, much of it between me and (general manager) Joe (Douglas), just talking about the state of the team, the opportunities that could be out there, that are out there now, that could be out there, and what both sides felt comfortable with. It wasn't like there was a stress point."

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers seemed to be going through the motions during his final year in Green Bay. It's why he insisted he was almost dead-set on retirement at a point earlier in the offseason.

The change of scenery has helped reignite his passion and desire to win. Just as the Jets have done that for him, he's giving back by helping the team prepare for a Super Bowl window.

Nothing is certain in the ever-changing landscape of the NFL, but if Aaron Rodgers has his way, he'll be staying with the Jets for the foreseeable future.