Aaron Rodgers discusses what number he'll wear with the NY Jets

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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The NY Jets received official confirmation from Aaron Rodgers on Wednesday that he plans to be their quarterback next season. The news was met with near-universal jubilation, but it also left many questions unanswered.

When will a trade become official? What might the Jets have to give up? Which players might follow Rodgers to New York?

Pat McAfee, A.J. Hawk, and the rest of The Pat McAfee Show crew did their best to ask Rodgers all of these questions and more during his interview on Wednesday. One additional question came up as well.

Which jersey number will Rodgers wear once he gets to Florham Park? Will he continue to wear his famous No. 12 with a blessing from the great Joe Namath? Unfortunately, Rodgers didn't have a definitive answer.

What jersey number will Aaron Rodgers wear with the NY Jets?

When asked if he would want to wear Namath's No. 12, Rodgers was noncommittal, insisting that it was a discussion for a later date. He didn't outright say no, however.

"With respect to the emotions, I think there will be time for those conversations down the road."

Aaron Rodgers

Back in January, Namath gave his blessing to Rodgers to wear the No. 12 if he was traded to the Jets. Namath, of course, wore No. 12 with the Jets for over a decade, and his number was officially retired by the team in 1985.

Namath is one of only four Jets to ever wear that prestigious number, and he is the final, as of now at least. The Hall of Fame quarterback has no reservations about Rodgers wearing his number. He insists that would be a decision for the team to make.

"It’s on ownership, and it’s different ownership, it’s different people and I’d sure like Rodgers, if he’s there, yeah I’d want him to wear his number."

Joe Namath

Namath was excited about the Jets potentially acquiring Rodgers back in January. One has to wonder how the Jets great is feeling now that Rodgers has made his intentions clear.

One thing is evident, however. Namath is not going to stand in the way of Rodgers wearing No. 12. If Rodgers wants to and the Jets approve, it will happen.

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Perhaps that's how the Jets finally break the so-called curse that many believe Namath placed on the Jets following his Super Bowl III guarantee. It could be worth a shot.