Aaron Rodgers hopes to do what Brett Favre couldn’t with the NY Jets

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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When Aaron Rodgers officially joins the NY Jets, he's going to try to do something that Brett Favre couldn't: win.

Before we look at the future of Rodgers in New York, let's look at his continuous past connection to Favre. When you compare quarterbacks, although their style of play is much different, their paths and careers are eerily similar.

Favre wasn't drafted by the Green Bay Packers, but like Rodgers, he experienced a similar punishment at the start of his career. Favre was originally drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, but his head coach didn't like him and refused to play him. He would ultimately attempt four passes in his rookie campaign before getting shipped to Green Bay.

Favre would make an impact right away with the Packers, and four years into his career, Favre would be named NFL MVP. Five years later, he was leading his team to a Super Bowl.

Although his career started glowingly in Green Bay, the ending wouldn't be that way, as the Packers drafted Rodgers to start a new chapter. Favre, however, refused to leave. He'd contemplate retirement every year but would ultimately decide to stay, keeping Rodgers as the backup for three years — very similar to today's situation with Jordan Love.

Once Rodgers was finally given an opportunity to play after three years behind Favre, he excelled and made an impact right away, similar to Favre's start in Green Bay. Three years after being named the starter, he was leading the team to a Super Bowl, and four years later, he was named NFL MVP.

From the moment Green Bay drafted Rodgers with the No. 24 overall selection in the 2005 NFL Draft, he and Favre were linked. However, it's crazy to see how much they're still connected 18 years later.

Aaron Rodgers hopes to do something Brett Favre couldn't with the NY Jets

After spending 16 years in Green Bay, Favre shocked the world when he joined the Jets. It was a huge moment in franchise history, and the team was an instant Super Bowl contender.

Even with all the hype and media attention surrounding the team, the Jets lived up to expectations. After 11 games, the team was 8-3 and legitimate Super Bowl contenders, or, at the very least, a playoff team. However, before we knew it, the wheels fell off, and the team ended up with a 9-7 record, ultimately missing the playoffs.

It was such a disappointment for Jets fans, but after the season, it was revealed that Favre had a torn biceps tendon in his right shoulder, which he had been playing with for a few weeks.

That type of injury should have kept him out of action, but this is Brett Favre we're talking about. He's the NFL's iron man, and he wasn't going to miss any time, despite it clearly affecting his game and the team's performance.

So as we look at Rodgers and try to predict the future, we have to compare his path to Favre's past. Rodgers is also joining the Jets at 39 years old, and he was also contemplating retirement after a nearly two-decade stint in Green Bay.

However, the NFL of 2008 is a heck of a lot different than the NFL of 2023. The rule changes have made quarterbacks nearly unhittable, and it's extended the length of many players' careers, as a result.

Tom Brady, who may be an exception to every rule, just retired at 45, so who's to say that Rodgers can't play for another five years if he wanted to?

Regardless of when Rodgers retires, we're guaranteed at least one Jets season from him. Ever since he was drafted, Rodgers has been compared to Favre, and both of their careers have played out practically the same in terms of awards and accomplishments, but that can change with one great season on the Jets.

If Rodgers wins a playoff game or (and I can't even believe I'm writing this) wins a Super Bowl, his comparison to Favre evaporates. Instead, his career comparison would immediately switch to someone like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, who were able to change teams and lead another franchise to a Super Bowl.

Although he had won six Super Bowls before joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that seventh ring was so special because he did it without Bill Belichick and did it in a new city.

If Rodgers can do the same and accomplish something that his mentor Favre couldn't, it would add to his legacy and put him in the conversation as a top two quarterback to ever play the game.

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Time will tell, but one magical season in New York could not only change the landscape of the Jets, but it could change how we view Aaron Rodgers forever.