Aaron Rodgers takes awkward jab at Travis Kelce after NY Jets loss

Did Rodgers think this was funny?
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

The NY Jets may not see Aaron Rodgers on the field this season, barring an act of divine intervention, but that doesn't mean one of the most famous quarterbacks in NFL history is going to spend his Achilles rehab completely out of the limelight. It's not in his DNA.

Rodgers made an appearance on old friend Pat McAfee's show, continuing his weekly appearance on one of the NFL shows of record. This time, Kansas City Chiefs tight end and object of Taylor Swift's desire Travis Kelce was in his crosshairs after the Jets-Chiefs Sunday Night football game.

Kelce finished the game with just six catches for 60 yards, which is a sign of a fairly impressive game plan from the Jets' defense. Rodgers' team may not have gotten the win, but he still is fit to give Kelce a little jab with one of the oddest insulting nicknames we've ever heard.

Kelce, who did an ad for Pfizer that encouraged people to get vaccinated, was dubbed "Mr. Pfizer" by Rodgers in a continuation of his trying to poke and prod those who loudly and proudly received the COVID-19 vaccine.

NY Jets' Aaron Rodgers take odd jab at Travis Kelce

The irony of Rodgers being an employee of Woody Johnson, heir to one of the biggest pharmaceutical fortunes in the world, spouting this is not lost on many. One wonders what Woody has to think about his star employee going off the beaten path like this.

Comments like this from Rodgers (who is not a doctor, pharmacist, phlebotomist, or any other medical term that would give him authority on the matter) are nothing new. Remember, he was the one who started that whole "immunized" instead of vaccinated debate in Green Bay.

Rodgers is prone to sticking his foot in his mouth on occasion, which can often ruin the hilarious, candid moments he shares with McAfee on his show. Hopefully, this doesn't draw the ire of his new boss or give the Jets yet another off-field problem they need to worry about.