13 external targets to repair a broken NY Jets offensive line

The Jets need offensive line reinforcements
NY Jets, Ezra Cleveland
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NY Jets free agent targets

The options on the free-agent market are rather slim for the Jets, as should be expected in late October. The list consists almost solely of fringe NFL veterans and recently retired/half-retired former starters.

The most notable "available" name is probably longtime Tennessee Titans starter Ben Jones. Jones was released by the Titans this past March, and despite making the Pro Bowl last season, he's yet to sign with a new team.

That's largely due to his own accord, however. Jones hasn't officially retired from the NFL just yet, but there's a reason he's not on an NFL roster right now. Injuries have taken their toll on Jones' body over the last few seasons.

There's no harm in checking in on Jones to see if he's willing to make an NFL return, but I wouldn't count on this being a realistic option.

There's also former Pro Bowl center Rodney Hudson. The expectation was that Hudson would retire this offseason after the Arizona Cardinals parted ways with him, but no official announcement was made. Ryan Kalil 2.0, anyone?

Other non-retired free agents include Nick Martin, the brother of Dallas Cowboys star Zack Martin, veteran Pro Bowler Rodger Saffold, and former Jets center/guard Josh Andrews. Andrews spent the 2020 season with the Jets and started five games for the New Orleans Saints last year.

The options aren't great, which isn't exactly a surprise. Unless the Jets can coax Jones or Hudson out of pseudo-retirement, there isn't much to be excited about here.