8 best one-hit wonder seasons in NY Jets history

Who are the best one-hit wonders in Jets history?
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3. Brandon Marshall, WR, NY Jets

  • Season: 2015
  • Games Started: 16
  • Stats/Accomplishments: 109 receptions, 1,502 receiving yards, 14 touchdowns, Pro Bowl

As you can see based on the above stat line, this was an absolutely monster season. In 2015, the Jets were lucky enough to add one of the most dominant wide receivers of his time in Brandon Marshall. He far from disappointed.

With a total of 109 receptions, 1,502 yards, a career-high 14 touchdowns, and a second-team All-Pro selection, Marshall put together what is arguably the greatest season of his illustrious career. He also broke the Jets' single-season receiving yards and receptions record.

This was really a one-hit wonder of a season for the entire franchise. Going into the year, the Jets were quarterbacked by Geno Smith, an extremely frustrating yet seemingly talented young QB.

Talent aside, his inability to maintain any kind of consistency was becoming inoperable. Then a punch from a teammate took Smith out of the equation. In his place came the lovable journeyman, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick and Marshall developed a connection that led to a surprising 10-6 Jets season. This was a season that no one saw coming, but in the end, it ended in the usual Jets heartbreak. After a brutal upset loss to the Bills in Week 17, the Jets were knocked out of playoff contention.

This was it for them, but for Marshall, it seemed he had found a home in New York after bouncing around between three separate teams during the first nine seasons of his career. However, in 2016, Marshall came down to earth finishing with 59 receptions for 788 yards in 15 games.

In 2017, he was playing football in New York. It was not in green and white, however. It was in the hated blue and red of the Giants. After one of the greatest individual single-season performances in New York Jets history, Marshall was gone just one season later.

He went on to complete what some would argue is a Hall-of-Fame career in Seattle in 2018. As far as his Jets tenure is concerned, he only ever had the one season of glory.

2. Kris Jenkins, DT, NY Jets

  • Season: 2008
  • Games Started: 16
  • Stats/Accomplishments: 52 tackles, 3.5 sacks, Pro Bowl

It's always hard to measure interior defensive linemen's impact in terms of statistics or metrics. There are no real numbers that can speak to the dominance of a 300+ pound man blowing up defensive game plans on almost every single play simply because one human cannot block him. There is no better example of this than Kris Jenkins.

Jenkins joined the Jets in 2008 after seven excellent seasons in Carolina. He was a part of another strange Jets season, where they were led by Brett Favre and just narrowly missed the playoffs at 9-7. The dominance of Jenkins was one of the biggest reasons the Jets improved by five games from 2007 to 2008.

Sure 52 tackles and 3.5 sacks is a good stat line for a defensive tackle. And sure, making the Pro Bowl is always really impressive. But if you want to know just how dominant Kris Jenkins was this season, you just have to watch the tape.

On a play-to-play basis, he could not be contained. Almost instantaneously after the ball was snapped, Jenkins forced opposing offenses into bad spots due to his ability to penetrate lines and shake off blockers. Sometimes he would simply use his massive hands to smack his blockers upside the helmet and then proceed to trot right by them.

This was a 6-foot-4, 360-pound man we are talking about here. It is not hyperbole to say that at his absolute peak, he was almost as dominant as any interior lineman there has been. He was that good.

But all that being said, it lasted literally just one season for the Jets. Once Rex Ryan came to town, Jenkins' injury woes began to completely overtake him. He appeared in only six games in 2009 and just one game in 2010. By 2011, the irresistible force that was Kris Jenkins was out of football.

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, NY Jets

  • Season: 2015
  • Games Started: 16
  • Stats/Accomplishments: 59.6% completion percentage, 3,905 passing yards, 31 touchdowns

We've already touched on this season in the Brandon Marshall section. As stated previously, this entire season encapsulates what a one-hit wonder is. Out of nowhere, this team became one of the best and most exciting teams in the NFL. And a large reason for it was one Ryan Fitzpatrick.

After Jets linebacker IK Enemkpali punched Geno Smith in the jaw over a sub $1,000 dispute, the Jets were in need of a QB. In stepped one of the most well-known journeyman QBs the game has ever seen.

Fitzpatrick had played for five different franchises before he joined the Jets, and when he arrived in New York, he completed the greatest season of his 17-year career.

He had the most yards of his career, the most touchdown passes, and the fewest interceptions. With 31 touchdowns, Fitzpatrick broke the Jets' single-season record surpassing Vinny Testaverde's 29.

With 3,905 passing yards, he also passed Ken O'Brien to take the second spot on the Jets single-season passing yards list behind Joe Namath. It seemed like, despite a disappointing ending to the season, the Jets' near future was bright.

Instead, Fitzpatrick would only play one more season for the Jets, starting 11 games. He finished his career with stints in Tampa Bay, Miami, and Washington. He never came close to repeating the success of that magical 2015 season.