8 best one-hit wonder seasons in NY Jets history

Who are the best one-hit wonders in Jets history?
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We all know what a one-hit wonder is. In any walk of life, it's when someone or something has massive yet temporary success. When the success is enormous and electrifies its audience but is nevertheless fleeting. The NY Jets are no different.

The Jets have had plenty of players come through their doors that got the fans' hopes sky-high, only to leave them wanting more.

Some of these one-hit wonders had full seasons of elongated dominance, and others had just a small portion of a season where they looked like they were about to be something they could never replicate again. The Jets and their loyal fans know disappointment like it's the air they breathe in the morning, so this list seems very suited to them.

Based on the sheer level of success and impact they reached at their peak, from the least success to the most, here are the eight biggest one-hit wonders in Jets history.

8. Aaron Maybin, OLB, NY Jets

  • Season: 2011
  • Games Played: 13
  • Stats: 6.0 sacks

This is one of the quickest one-hit wonders on our list, which is why he is only at No. 8. He came and went in the blink of an eye, but when Aaron Maybin was at his best, fans were beside themselves with excitement.

A former Penn State superstar, Maybin was an utter failure in his first two NFL seasons in Buffalo. But after signing with the Jets for the 2011 season, he began to show why he was called "Mayhem" during his college days.

His combination of remarkable speed around the edge mixed with his solid 6-foot-4, 245-pound frame made him a highly touted prospect coming out of college. He finished with 12 sacks during his final season in Happy Valley.

In his first two seasons in the NFL, Maybin recorded a whopping zero sacks. Maybe it was a change of scenery or maybe it was playing under Rex Ryan's tutelage, but he completely turned things around in New York.

Debuting in Week 4, Maybin started the first four games of his season with three sacks, four QB hits, and three forced fumbles. Rex Ryan was praising him and fans were affectionately calling him "Mayhem" again. It's easy to understate just how much hype surrounded Maybin in Jets' circles.

Though they had defensive success in recent years, one thing this Jets team always lacked was a great edge rusher. In Maybin, fans saw what could finally be their QB menace. And for a few weeks, it looked like that was what he was turning into.

This hot streak didn't last, however. He only added on three sacks to his total during the remaining nine games, finishing with a respectable but mediocre six.

Maybin only played one more NFL season after that, appearing in eight games for the Jets in 2012. Completely fizzling out, he would never have a sack outside of that 2011 season.