7 wide receivers the NY Jets should target at the trade deadline

Which wide receivers could the Jets trade for?
NY Jets, Courtland Sutton
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The NY Jets need to improve their passing game

The primary question with the Jets since Aaron Rodgers went down is whether or not Zach Wilson would be serviceable enough to keep the team respectable and afloat. The surprising answer so far is yes.

By no means has Wilson been spectacular, but he has made positive plays and decreased the level of negative plays that have plagued him since turning pro. Because of his dynamic skill set as a thrower, Wilson continues to show flashes of brilliance. It's still not consistent enough yet, but it's absolutely there.

The question now becomes, do the Jets have enough quality pass-catching options to elevate Wilson's play even further?

It's become increasingly evident that the Jets' passing game lacks players who can consistently create separation and challenge a defense outside of Garrett Wilson. When Zach Wilson does have time to see the field and throw, he's had to throw into very tight windows to receivers who are not getting open.

The other guys in the Jets receiving corps, like Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, and Xavier Gipson, are complementary role players at best. Opposing defenses have a simple task when facing New York's passing game — contain Garrett Wilson and force the other receivers to get open and beat you.

As evidenced in the Jets' improbable victory over the Eagles, the moment Garrett Wilson left the game due to injury, any hope of sustaining offense through the air evaporated.

Joe Douglas didn't address the wide receiver position adequately during the offseason. The feeling was that maybe after Rodgers selflessly reworked his contract to take a pay cut, the team would use that newfound cap room to acquire an elite pass catcher at the trade deadline.

Rodgers may not be throwing passes — during games, at least — at the moment, but that shouldn't stop the Jets from improving their pass offense for their current quarterback. After all, whoever the Jets acquire will eventually catch passes from Rodgers one day.  

With that in mind, here is a list of seven different wide receivers the Jets should try and trade for at the deadline.

1. The NY Jets could trade for Marquise Brown

Other than Garrett Wilson, the Jets lack deep threats in their receiving corps who can challenge defenses vertically. For better or worse, that's the best part of Marquise Brown's game.

The 26-year-old 4.27-timed speedster from Oklahoma can probably be had for the right price, especially considering the fact that he is in the final season of his rookie contract.

The rebuilding Cardinals are definitely potential sellers at the deadline. Therefore, Brown is a prime target for any contending team looking to round out their offense with an added speed element. 

Perhaps Marquise Brown can be what the Jets envisioned they were getting in Mecole Hardman this past offseason or the type of player the Jets wanted when they pursued Tyreek Hill. 

One foolproof way to open up the short and medium areas of the field is with someone of Brown's talents. It also helps keep defenses who are over-committed to stopping Breece Hall honest.