7 teams NY Jets have the best record against in NFL history

The Jets only have a winning record against six NFL teams. Which teams are they?
NY Jets, C.J. Mosley
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6. NY Jets vs. Cincinnati Bengals (16-11, .593)

The Browns aren't the only AFC North team the Jets have fared well against. The Cincinnati Bengals are one of just two AFC teams the Jets have a winning record against in their history.

The Jets fell to the Bengals by a final score of 27-12 in Week 3 of last season and have actually lost four of their last five meetings. However, prior to that stretch of losing, the Jets had won nine of their last 10 against Cincinnati.

The Jets have met the Bengals twice in the postseason, both of which resulted in wins. The first came in a 44-17 blowout in the 1983 playoffs, while the second occurred in the 2010 Wild Card Round — a 24-14 win for Gang Green.

Despite playing each other in three of the last four seasons, the Jets and Bengals will now face off in 2023.

5. NY Jets vs. Arizona Cardinals (6-4, .600)

The Jets have only faced the Arizona Cardinals 10 times in their history, but they've managed to win four of those games. Their last two meetings (2020 and 2016), however, resulted in Cardinals wins.

The last time the Jets defeated the Cardinals came back in 2012 during what was an infamous 7-6 win for the Jets. That was the game where Mark Sanchez was benched in favor of Greg McElroy, who proceeded to throw the game-winning (and only) touchdown to tight end Jeff Cumberland.

The fun doesn't stop there, though. The prior meeting between these teams before that game was a historic one as well — a high-scoring 56-35 affair that saw Brett Favre tie the Jets' single-game record for passing touchdowns with six.

They may have only faced each other 10 times, but the Jets and Cardinals have had a few memorable games over the years. More importantly, the Jets have gotten the better of them.