7 takeaways from the NY Jets' improbable Week 2 victory over the Browns

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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5. Max Mitchell and the NY Jets pass protection issues continue

Predictably, Max Mitchell and the Jets struggled all day long against the Browns' elite edge rushers. At some points, it was comical the Jets' efforts to block Myles Garrett one-on-one.

In the Jets' defense, Garrett does that to every team he faces. A week ago, the quarterback and dropped passes didn't help matters, but Joe Flacco stood tall, and got rid of the football instead of hanging on too late in the pocket. In one instance, the veteran had no time to make a throw, as he was blindsided and fumbled the football.

There's no help in sight coming for the rookie Mitchell. He's getting a baptism by fire, but the Jets veteran linemen need to hold up better as the season progresses.

On paper, Cleveland only had two sacks, but as the infamous Tony Montana once said, 'the eyes chico, they never lie." New York struggled all day in this area.

However, much like Garrett Wilson redeemed himself late in the game, Max Mitchell's best play came when he dove on a fumble to preserve the Jets' miraculous comeback victory.

6. The NY Jets special teams made impactful winning plays

Anytime you can execute an onside kick, a 57-yard field goal, and a 17-yard fake punt, it's a positive day overall for your special teams.

It wasn't perfect for the Jets' special team unit on Sunday. There were some tough penalties and coverage breakdowns. But overall, Brant Boyer's unit kept the Jets in the game.

On a week where the punter was under a ton of scrutiny and on a weekend where eight former Jets castoffs at kicker started for other NFL teams, New York finally had a good day from their own specialists. The Jets don't win Sunday without this group.