7 NY Jets players who were absolutely disrespected by Madden

NY Jets, Mike White
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The Madden franchise isn't exactly known for its consistency and precision as it pertains to individual player ratings. NY Jets fans know this. NFL fans know this. Everyone knows this.

In reality, Madden ratings are an insignificant summer talking point that proves an opportunity for discourse at a time when there really isn't much to discuss. That's exactly what we're here to do today.

EA Sports has released their entire player ratings for the upcoming Madden 23 video game set to be released on August 19. As always, the ratings generated plenty of controversy.

Some players were snubbed, others were unjustly celebrated. But which Jets players were disrespected the most? We take a look at seven Jets who deserve higher ratings in this year's Madden video game.

7. Jamien Sherwood, LB, NY Jets (64 overall)

As a fifth-round pick in last year's draft, Jamien Sherwood was never going to be rated very highly. That's especially true given that he only played in five games last season before tearing his Achilles.

That said, a 64 overall rating seems harsh. That rating ranks him as one of the worst players on the entire Jets roster, worse than players like Kai Nacua and La'Mical Perine.

Sherwood started a handful of games last season and likely would have been featured even more had he not gotten injured. Right now, he's penciled in as the team's top backup MIKE linebacker with the hope that he could eventually take over that role in 2023.

Madden would have you believe that he's a bottom-of-the-roster player fighting for a practice squad spot, but that just isn't the case. Sherwood's overall rating should be bumped up a few points.