7 forgotten former NY Jets draft picks still playing in the NFL

NY Jets, Juston Burris
NY Jets, Juston Burris / Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
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The NY Jets haven't exactly enjoyed the most success in the NFL Draft over the last decade or so (if not longer). While the team has managed to hit on a few players, there have been quite a few more misses than hits.

For every Folorunso Fatukasi or Bryce Hall, there's been a Darron Lee or a Jachai Polite. Despite their many misses, however, the Jets do have a number of former draft picks still floating around in the NFL.

Most of these players have bounced around from team to team with few holding down starting jobs, but they remain in the NFL regardless. Some of these players never found consistent playing time with the Jets but were able to find more success after leaving New York.

Let's set a few ground rules first. To qualify for this list, the player needs to have played in the NFL as recently as 2021. That means a player like Chad Hansen, who was technically on an NFL roster last year but didn't play, will not be included.

They don't necessarily have to be on an NFL roster at the time of writing as long as they appeared in at least one game last season.

We will also exclude any player drafted in 2019 or later as not enough time has passed for those players to truly be "forgotten." That means the likes of Blake Cashman and Blessuan Austin will be left out.

With all of that being said, let's take a look at seven former Jets draft picks who are still playing in the NFL.