Analyzing 6 scenarios the NY Jets could explore with the No. 4 pick

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The NY Jets could draft Kyle Hamilton at 4

It would be ironic if the Jets, in a year where they have two first-round selections because of dealing away Jamal Adams, drafted another superstar safety in Kyle Hamilton. This is a polarizing possibility for many Jets fans. 

Many believe that Hamilton is a top-two player in this class based on college performance alone, and that the only reason he might not be selected in the top three is that he doesn't play a premium position. 

Jets fans don't want to relive recent history by selecting another safety this high, however, in Kyle Hamilton's defense. He is not your typical safety, and Hamilton, at 6-foot-4 220 pounds, is an elite athlete who can play all over the field — in the box against the run, lining up against tight ends, or even playing the slot if needed. 

In many ways, the Jets brass has already shown that they have an eye out for Kyle Hamilton types to play in their defense. A year ago, the team heavily pursued safety Keanu Neal to play linebacker, and he instead chose Dallas.

After that particular pursuit failed, the Jets went ahead in last year's draft, selected two college safeties, and tried to convert them to linebackers in Hamsah Nasirildeen and Jamien Sherwood. Hamilton wouldn't need to be converted because it's something that he has already done at a high level.

So if the Jets select Kyle Hamilton, it will be because they feel he can be an impact player at more than just the traditional safety position.

Sure, the team did sign the exceptional Jordan Whitehead in free agency, but could Hamilton provide the same big-play impact that Micah Parsons gave Dallas last season by playing multiple positions?

Safety is certainly not a position of great need for New York, but some teams view Hamilton as something more than that. Quite frankly, they need to have that mindset to justify the selection for the Jets to select him at four — the belief that Hamilton will be a superstar who transforms their defense.