6 NY Jets players facing an uncertain future entering 2024

From key contributors to role players, these six players face uncertain futures entering the 2024 season
Haason Reddick
Haason Reddick / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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Uncertainty is part of the business in the NFL. Career lengths are short, contracts aren't fully guaranteed, and salary cap restrictions mean teams sometimes need to move on from players they'd otherwise like to keep.

For the player, many times it means making as much money as possible in a league whose initials are sometimes referred to as "Not For Long." For the team, it often means balancing win-now expectations with future priorities.

Sometimes these things come to a head, and cause uncertainty for a player's future. Other times, performance and potential don't line up creating uncertainty for a player's future with the team and also in the league.

With the NY Jets poised to make a deep playoff run, they aren't immune to this uncertainty. Today we'll be taking a look at six players who enter 2024 with uncertain futures.

1. Haason Reddick, DE, NY Jets

Haason Reddick's name is in all the headlines right now. When he was traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the NY Jets on March 29th vague assurances were made that his contract, one year remaining with $15 million non-guaranteed, would not be an issue.

Reddick's absence at voluntary OTAs raised some eyebrows but ultimately was a non-story. His absence now at mandatory mini-camp however is not.

One of the most productive pass rushers in the league over the last four years, it's no surprise that Reddick wants a new contract, one reflective of the value he provides.

That said, the Jets and Reddick's camp apparently had an understanding of how negotiations for a new deal would take place. Seemingly, Reddick now feels differently.

The Jets made a calculated move, letting homegrown edge rusher Bryce Huff bolt to Philly in free agency, believing to have upgraded to the better all-around player in Reddick with the corresponding trade. Now, though it seems questionable if it would've been safer to just pay Huff.

Huff got $17 million a year from the Eagles whereas Reddick is not thought to be seeking a contract in the realm of the highest-paid edge rushers in the league which could be as high as $28 million. With extensions around the corner for young cornerstone players like Garrett Wilson, Sauce Gardner, Jermaine Johnson, and others, that may not be possible.

The financials combined with the bad optics of trading for a guy just to have him immediately hold out, put Reddick's future very much in doubt beyond 2024.