6 changes the NY Jets need to make to their roster ASAP

NY Jets, Garrett Wilson
NY Jets, Garrett Wilson / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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You can't lose games during the offseason in the NFL. Every team is undefeated. But then reality hits when the season starts, and a team's flaws come to light for all to see. That's precisely what happened in the NY Jets' 24-9 home loss Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. 

In today's day and age, knee-jerk reactions are commonplace, especially in sports. So hot takes that jump the gun prematurely are definitely in vogue after week one of the NFL season.

The teams that won in their opening games have heightened optimism, while more than half of the 32 squads that didn't are feeling despair. Some teams got consolation prizes with ties, but others are in more pain than others — see the Dallas Cowboys or, unfortunately, the New York Jets.

It's a regular occurrence in these parts for the Jets to start a new season on a sour note. Exhibit A: New York's current 13-game losing streak in the month of September

However, despite the ugliness of Sunday's loss to Baltimore, there were some positives, as challenging as it may be to see now. Some of the team's new players, rookies, and veterans alike had promising debuts in green and white. But there were some glaring issues with the players who did play.

Hence the reason for this article.

All hope is not lost. After all, It's a long season with 16 games left. However, the Jets' 2022 campaign can fall by the wayside quickly if the franchise fails to reset and reassess its roster. Like in weekly film study, the Jets' brain trust needs to utilize visual evidence from the opening week and make adjustments to improve the team.  

Let's examine what the Jets can do to rectify some of their most significant flaws.