5 way too early stat predictions for the NY Jets in 2023

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1. Aaron Rodgers will break the NY Jets all-time passing record for TDs in a season

This is the greatest example of a 'mild prediction disguised as a hot take' that I could possibly come up with. There are a few franchises whose passing TD records are in the 40s, others that even go into the 50s, but the lowly Jets' record is 31 in a season. Only the Browns (30) and the Bears (29) have lower passing records.

31 is pretty doable - in the last three seasons 14 different QBs through for 30+ touchdowns in at least one of those seasons while six of those QBs threw for 30+ touchdowns in two or more of the last three seasons.

Aaron Rodgers is of course one of those six QBs, as he set the Packers' all-time touchdown pass record at 48 in 2020 a mere three years ago. He followed that up with 37 in 2021 and then 26 last season in a year where he lost his offensive coordinator and number one receiver in the same offseason.

This year, reunited with his offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and given a new bonafide WR1 in Garrett Wilson, there is absolutely no reason to doubt that he can't climb above 31 this season. The Jets did a fantastic job building depth on the offensive line and luckily Rodgers' weapons aren't limited to just Wilson and Lazard.

dark. Next. How much should the NY Jets offer Quinnen Williams?

Corey Davis, Tyler Conklin, Mecole Hardman, and even a few running backs should be receiving touchdowns throughout the year so I'm fairly confident this won't have to be tweaked when I redo this article in September - start working on your touchdown dances!