5 way too early stat predictions for the NY Jets in 2023

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3. Israel Abanikanda will finish second on the NY Jets in rushing yards

This is a prediction you may have heard already but I'm putting it in writing. I'm a big fan of Michael Carter and think he was unfairly scrutinized by Jets fans as he adjusted to losing his starting gig, getting hurt, and working behind an injury-ravaged offensive line that was unable to block for him.

Zonovan Knight had much more success behind the same line, but they are two different backs with different skill sets. Still, I wonder if Knight or Carter have the burst to add that dynamic element the Jets' offense will need from the backfield when Breece is resting.

Enter Israel Abanikanda, the electric running back that is bigger, stronger, and faster than the other backup running backs. It's possible he starts the year as RB3 or RB4 but it will only take one or two home runs before he earns his way into the RB2 role.

He may not even be second on the team in carries, but considering the fact that he is a legitimate threat to take any carry 80 yards to the house, he probably won't need to be second on the team in carries. He'll just need to be healthy.