5 way too early stat predictions for the NY Jets in 2023

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4. D.J. Reed will set a new career-high for INTs in a season

This is a very mild prediction disguised as a hot take because career highs are often big deals. However, if you take a second on Google, you'd see that Reed has yet to have three interceptions in a season so far.

D.J. Reed is among the most overlooked players on the entire roster despite a spectacular showing last year. There were times (and full games) where he outplayed Sauce and was the primary defender on elite receivers like Stefon Diggs, Tyreek Hill, and Justin Jefferson.

His lone interception of 2022 was the prettiest Jet interception of the year and was a nice display of his phenomenal athleticism. Over the course of this offseason, the legend and aura of Sauce have only grown exponentially, and more teams will throw away from him this season.

The two big beneficiaries (or sufferers depending on how you look at it) are D.J. Reed and Michael Carter II, who will most likely get targeted a bunch. Given this increase in attention, Reed's technical prowess and athletic acumen will open up chances for more spectacular catches like the one above. I won't predict an exact number, but I will say he will get more than two picks this season.