5 ultimate takeaways from the NY Jets' late-season collapse

NY Jets, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Robert Saleh / Danielle Parhizkaran / USA TODAY NETWORK
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4. Adding Frank Reich/Gus Bradley types to the NY Jets coaching staff

Woody Johnson can show a significant commitment to the Jets by spending above market to bolster his coaching staff. After all, there's no salary cap when it comes to coaches. It all depends on Saleh's willingness to make significant changes.

One person Saleh could look to help his defense is Gus Bradley. However, things haven't been pretty for Bradley in Indianapolis. Notwithstanding that, Bradley's résumé and experience could upgrade the Jets' defensive staff.

The big fish, however, would be coaxing someone like Frank Reich to join the Jets. The former green and white QB, albeit for a brief time, would be a massive get for the Jets quarterback room.

The problem is that Reich should be a hot commodity as an offensive coordinator around the league. You'd have to offer him serious money to consider anything other than a coordinator position. An assistant head coach/offense tag might do the trick, with Reich overseeing the entire offensive operation.

There's also a lack of history between Robert Saleh and Reich. It also creates a working enviroment where Saleh could be hiring the individual who ultimately takes his job.

No matter if it's Frank Reich or Gus Bradley, the Jets need to seriously consider upgrading their coaching staff. Especially concerning the QB position, the Jets may add an accomplished veteran signal-caller in the offseason.

But if the team is earnest in their belief of salvaging Zach Wilson or decides to add another young gun to the mix, the Jets need a veteran QB coach with a proven track record.