5 toughest defenses the NY Jets will face in 2023

NY Jets, Elijah Moore
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The 2023 NY Jets have an immense amount of expectations on their shoulders as we inch closer to training camp, and after a breakout season from the defense in 2022, it appears that the offense could catch up in 2023.

With so much expectation, the Jets know they will be getting each and every team's best shot from Week 1 through to Week 18, and if they are to make a genuine Super Bowl run in a crowded AFC, they'll run a gauntlet of tough defensive units.

If Aaron Rodgers can still be the player we've seen for Green Bay over the past 18 seasons, the Jets will be able to hang with any team in the NFL, even against the following defenses, which we consider to be the best of the best in 2023.

5. The NY Jets will face the Dallas Cowboys defense in Week 2

The Dallas Cowboys have been building a solid roster for years now, and after drafting Micah Parsons in the first round, the defense has taken off. With so much veteran talent leading the defense, the Jets will need to be careful in Week 2.

The Cowboys picked up Parsons to pair with superstar DeMarcus Lawrence, and they picked up Stephon Gilmore this offseason to add to a solid secondary, meaning that if they are all at their best this year, we could be looking at the NFC's best defensive unit.

Dallas may be one of the only teams in the NFL with as much pressure to win in 2023 as the Jets, so this Week 2 matchup should be very interesting, and with two elite defense's going head-to-head, this game could be won on the back of one or two big plays.