5 teams that could steal Derek Carr away from the NY Jets

NY Jets, Derek Carr
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The NY Jets are expected to be one of the teams interested in signing Derek Carr now that the four-time Pro Bowler has officially been released by the Las Vegas Raiders. They won't be alone, however.

A number of other teams are also expected to inquire about Carr in what is expected to be an active QB market. That presents the Jets with challenges, especially if Carr is not their preferred option.

Right now, it still seems as though the Jets are eyeing Aaron Rodgers, but his uncertain future could alter plans. If that happens, Carr makes sense as their next-best target.

Which teams should the Jets be looking out for in their potential pursuit of Carr? We take a look at five NFL teams, aside from the Jets, who could sign the longtime Raiders quarterback.

5. The Houston Texans could sign Derek Carr

In a weird twist of irony, perhaps Carr could go to the same organization that once drafted his brother, David, first overall. The Houston Texans remain dark-horse contenders to sign Carr this offseason.

Most assume that the Texans will look to add a quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft, but the fact that they pick second overall instead of first could change those plans. If they don't see the value, it might make sense to go a different route.

Signing Carr to be their, at least, short-term solution at quarterback makes some sense, and it would allow them to use their draft capital to plug other holes on the roster. The biggest obstacle would likely be convincing Carr to sign.

If Carr has his pick of a number of different destinations, why would he choose a Texans team that has been stuck in the NFL's basement for a few years now? They might have interest, but they're probably not serious contenders at this time.