5 teams that could still solve the NY Jets' Zach Wilson problem

These teams could still trade for Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson
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2. The NY Jets could trade Zach Wilson to the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers parted ways with former Jets quarterback Sam Darnold this offseason, as the USC product left to potentially compete for the starting job in Minnesota.

Just imagine if Darnold was replaced for the second time in his career by Wilson, only this time it would be in a backup role. The story writes itself.

Veteran journeyman Brandon Allen is the only quarterback currently on the 49ers' roster aside from starter Brock Purdy. 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was famously smitten with Wilson in the pre-draft process back in 2021.

Shanahan might see Wilson as a reclamation project, especially given how high he was on the former BYU star a few years ago. Wilson's potential fit in the 49ers' offense makes this one a no-brainer if the compensation is right.

1. The NY Jets could trade Zach Wilson to the Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has garnered a reputation as somewhat of a quarterback guru over the years. He's been known to prefer project quarterbacks over finished products, as evidenced by the team's decision to draft Patrick Mahomes back in 2018.

Perhaps Reid would be willing to take a chance on Wilson's talent and attempt to develop him behind Mahomes. Perhaps most notably, Reid himself is an alumnus of BYU, giving him a personal connection to Wilson as well.

The Chiefs don't have a viable backup quarterback option on their roster. Blaine Gabbert is still a free agent, and the likes of Chris Oladokun and Ian Book have combined to appear in one NFL game.

Wilson's BYU ties to Reid and the latter's propensity for developmental QB projects give this connection plenty of legs. The Chiefs feel like a very feasible destination for Wilson whether he's traded or ultimately released.