5 revenge narratives for the NY Jets this upcoming season

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4. Little brother Mike LaFleur goes up against big brother Matt LaFleur at Lambeau Field

No matter what the circumstance is, a battle between two siblings will always bring a form of revenge even if it is playful. The Jets and offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur will head to Lambeau Field for a matchup against his older brother and head coach Matt LaFleur.

The coaching staff can act like this is any other game all they want, but there will be an added element with the amount of history that exists between the individuals on the sidelines.

Both LaFleurs and Jets head coach Robert Saleh have a long-standing history of coming up in the ranks of both college and professional football together.

There is no doubt that each staff will have a few tricks and disguises up their sleeve knowing that their schemes are similar. The intricacies and the outcome of the game will surely be brought up at the next LaFleur family affair.

This game should hold some additional weight for quarterback Zach Wilson too as he will be going up against a player that he has great admiration for in Aaron Rodgers. When the two quarterbacks were together last season during preseason minicamp, Rodgers had glowing reviews about the rookie.

If the Jets were to pull off a stunning upset in Lambeau, the "student becoming the master" phrase will likely be tossed around referencing both the Wilson/Rodgers and LaFleur brothers dynamic.