5 revenge narratives for the NY Jets this upcoming season

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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The 2022 NY Jets season should be full of revenge stories based on narratives for individual players, coaches, and fans from the past few seasons.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about revenge for the Jets this season is the New England Patriots.

The Jets and Patriots have had historic rivalry matchups in the past and while the dynamic has been lopsided for quite some time, most of the biggest Jets wins for the last 10 to 15 years involve the Patriots. In addition to this, the tides may be shifting with the New England dynasty many grew up watching fading away.

Zach Wilson needs to approach both matchups against the Patriots with a killer mentality as his two outings against New England in his rookie season were memorable for all of the wrong reasons.

1. NY Jets QB Zach Wilson will be looking for revenge against the Patriots

In his debut at MetLife Stadium, Wilson threw four interceptions in what hopefully will be the worst game in his career statistically speaking.

In the second matchup against the division rivals, this time at Gillette Stadium, Wilson got injured after a few eyebrow-raising hits to his lower body from Patriots defenders. The team ended up losing this game 54-13 with the Pats continuing to throw the ball late in the game once the result was clear.

The combined outcomes of both games between the two teams had the Patriots scoring 79 points and the Jets scoring 19 points. If that doesn't light a fire under the team for their matchups against the same opponent this season, it's hard to tell what will.

With the factors of embarrassing play, running up the score, and causes of injuries from last year combined with the historical significance of this matchup, no games this season should have more weight in the "revenge" department than these two.