5 reasons why NY Jets QB Zach Wilson must succeed in 2022

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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5. The NY Jets' coaching staff is the best it's been in five years

Finally, the most important thing Zach Wilson has going for him — he's got a competent coaching staff. I've laid out the numbers for you since 2018. It's crystal clear that the Jets have had no sense of direction on either side of the ball since then.

The offense has been lost with no real game plan or ways to get receivers open. The defense has been better than the offense, but it's still gotten utterly destroyed every single season, giving the offense no room to breathe.

Now, the Jets have themselves a head coach who knows how to handle defense and a rising young star for an offensive coordinator who helped make four different quarterbacks appear competent at various times last season.

I'll give Robert Saleh a mulligan for 2021. What he was able to pull off in San Francisco was no fluke. Now, he's got even more quality players to work with (I just went through all the additions). I feel like Saleh is primed for a very nice year on the defensive side of the ball.

Mike LaFleur made Zach Wilson, Joe Flacco, Josh Johnson, and Mike White look like world beaters in a bevy of starts last season.

There is no reason that Zach Wilson shouldn't be able to win at least seven games, throw for 3,500 yards, hit a 2:1 TD-INT ratio, and earn a QBR of least 50.0.

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He's got everything imaginable around him to help him succeed. His predecessor certainly didn't have these same luxuries while he won seven games his sophomore year. Make it happen, Zach.