5 reasons to be nervous about the NY Jets in 2023

What could possibly go wrong for the Jets in 2023? We'll tell you...
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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The NY Jets have managed to transform their roster over the last few seasons, and in doing so, they've also transformed their team mentality. The tiresome "Same Old Jets" slogan should be a relic of previous Jets teams.

This is a team that is built to contend not only for the postseason but for the Super Bowl. The addition of Aaron Rodgers has completed a roster that was already among the deepest in the NFL last season. Rodgers was the final piece of the puzzle.

Of course, every team has holes, however. Just because a team is stacked on paper doesn't mean they'll be able to live up to expectations once the season starts. There are a myriad of things that could go wrong for a football team over the course of a season.

Jets fans should be excited about the upcoming season, but the following five obstacles could stand between them and glory in 2023.

5. Injuries

This entry is true for every NFL team. In reality, the Jets' roster is better constructed to survive the ramifications of injuries than most teams out there. This is a deep roster with impressive depth at most positions.

That said, injuries still have a chance to derail any team's season. If Patrick Mahomes goes down in Week 1, the entire projection for the Kansas City Chiefs' season changes. The same is true for Justin Jefferson, Myles Garrett, and a host of other NFL stars.

The Jets have so far been pretty fortunate with injuries. They escaped the summer without any notable injuries and only lost safety Chuck Clark for the season this past spring.

That could change in a hurry, though. This Jets team is built to overcome some injuries, but football is a cruel sport. Every team's season has the potential to be derailed at any moment.