5 reasons for NY Jets fans to be optimistic ahead of the 2022-23 NFL season

NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Braxton Berrios
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2. The NY Jets finally have depth at all positions

For years under Mike Maccaganan, the Jets lacked any depth and seemingly had no direction at all. Under Joe Douglas however, this has changed beyond belief.

Not only do the Jets have quality players at every position now, but they have the depth to go along with it, namely at cornerback, wide receiver, running back and the entire offensive line, among others.

Given the Jets' horror run with injuries over the past few seasons, this will allow them to survive almost any major injury, and that is something that no Jets fans out there should take for granted.

3. The NY Jets have transformed their financial flexibility

When Joe Douglas took over the Jets, the previous regime had just given C.J. Mosley and LeVeon Bell huge money deals, and three years later, the team is finally recovering from these and a litany of bad deals.

Back then, the Jets were one of the worst teams in the NFL for dead money against the cap, but now, they rank within the top-five league-wide, a perfect example of just how much things have changed and improved.

This allows the Jets freedom in free agency going forward, but it also benefits them when the trade deadline comes around too, making this a truly transformative change for this entire organization.