5 positive takeaways from the NY Jets 2023 offseason

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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The NY Jets took a massive step forward in 2022 when they landed a trio of stars for the future of the organization, but after missing the playoffs once again, this offseason was crucial for turning the Jets from a team full of potential to a genuine Super Bowl contender.

Everyone in the organization was fully aware of that too, as they've tried to make every move possible in order to make that shift, and as we head into OTAs and training camp, it appears that Jets fans are very optimistic about this squad.

While there are still some things left to do (find depth at linebacker, and safety and extend their homegrown star Quinnen Williams), the Jets have been very busy this offseason. Here are five positive takeaways from Gang Green thus far.

5. The NY Jets aren't giving up on the future

Sure, it's tough to deny that the first two years of Zach Wilson's NFL career in New York have been anything less than catastrophic, and while it would have been easy to give up on him, the Jets clearly believe that beyond Aaron Rodgers, Wilson can be the starter of the future.

With Rodgers not only as a star on the field, he can mentor Wilson away from football as well, and with all of the physical tools needed to be a superstar at the quarterback position, this will be the best chance for the Jets to have a long-term answer at QB.

It's going to take Wilson a long time to regain the love and respect of the Jets fan base, but sitting behind Rodgers and learning is the best play for him right now. If the team can exercise patience, he could finally make strides at the NFL level and become the star they've been waiting for.