5 positive takeaways from the NY Jets 2022 offseason

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Al Pereira/GettyImages
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4. The NY Jets seemingly addressed every weakness

Although the 2021 offseason was a good one, the Jets had plenty of rebuilding still to do to make up for the mistakes of the Mike Maccaganan regime. Even if they're not genuine contenders right now, the team addressed every weakness they possibly could.

With needs at safety, cornerback, offensive line, wide receiver, linebacker, tight end, and kicker, the Jets added or re-signed at least two players at each spot, trying their best to have this team prepared for the incredibly tough schedule they face to begin the 2022 campaign.

Joe Douglas was smart as he didn't target overpriced names, but instead opted for better-than-average players who fit the Jets' culture and budget, and when the time comes to add those next-level star players, he will be ready.

Right now, however, all these additions will make the Jets a solid team that are tough to play on a weekly basis, and if the roster blends together as well as fans expect, we could see a team on the rise that racks up more wins than anyone outside of Jets fans can imagine.

3. The NY Jets confirmed they have a level headed GM

A struggling team like the Jets often looks to a big splashy trade or a free-agent signing to signal their intentions of a rebuild. While Joe Douglas had the opportunity, it's incredibly impressive to see him keep his patience over the past two offseasons.

Douglas has shown a willingness to make a big move, with him coming down to the final two teams interested in Tyreek Hill, but he didn't try and overpay. That once again proved that he has a price, and whether for good or bad (mostly good), he won't mortgage the future of the franchise by going over that price.

Over the next few years, we are going to see just how good Douglas is as he will have plenty of important decisions if the Jets can become contenders, but as of right now, Douglas is proving that he knows what he's doing.