5 NY Jets whose jobs are in jeopardy thus far in the offseason

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NY Jets: 2. Michael Carter

In the 2021 NFL Draft, the NY Jets picked up running back Michael Carter in the fourth round, and during his rookie campaign, he showed flashes of being a genuine star in the NFL, but after the addition of superstar Breece Hall last year and Izzy Abanikanda, that job may be in serious jeopardy.

Not only that, but when given a chance after Hall's ACL injury a year ago, Carter struggled mightily to create separation and show the explosiveness that we saw the year before, and unfortunately for Carter, Zonovan Knight was able to do just that when given the chance.

This goes to show just how much the NFL can change in a short period of time, as Carter comes into the season as No. 4 on the depth chart, and unless something changes in camp, he could lose his roster spot altogether.