5 NY Jets whose jobs are in jeopardy thus far in the offseason

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The NY Jets took a massive step forward in 2022 behind an incredible rookie class and some fantastic veteran additions, and now, they've gone from a fun young team with the potential to a squad that could make a genuine Super Bowl run in 2023.

This offseason certainly hasn't been as flashy as last year, but with the addition of Aaron Rodgers, some crafty veterans and some solid draft picks, this is a team ready to take another big leap, and unfortunately for some Jets, it means their current role is in major jeopardy.

NY Jets: 5. Denzel Mims

Denzel Mims was one of the first picks in the Joe Douglas era for the NY Jets, and while he's still got the physical traits to be a solid receiver in the NFL, he just hasn't had the production to back it up in the league thus far, and now, his roster spot could be lost.

This off-season, the Jets have added the wide receiver trio of Allen Lazard, Mecole Hardman and Randall Cobb, and while none of them are genuine No. 1's, they add to the depth of the position, meaning that Mims, unless he steps up in a big way this training camp could be a big cut before the season begins.