5 NY Jets players who could be traded before tomorrow's deadline

NY Jets, Denzel Mims
NY Jets, Denzel Mims / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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1. Denzel Mims, WR, NY Jets

Elijah Moore may be the most recent Jets wide receiver to request a trade this year, but he isn't the first. That honor belongs to Denzel Mims who requested a trade just before the start of the season.

Mims' trade request came with a bit more legitimacy as the former second-round pick had fallen down the depth chart to the point that he's been left as a healthy scratch in all but two games this season.

In a healthy Jets wide receiver corps, Mims doesn't have a role. But with Moore and then Corey Davis sidelined in each of the last two weeks, Mims has seen some playing time.

The former second-round pick played 75 percent of the team's offensive snaps on Sunday, finishing with two catches for 76 yards on three targets. He nearly hauled in a third pass with a leaping grab on the sideline, but he was unable to get both of his feet in bounds.

Mims maximized his playing time on Sunday, and in doing so, he might just have raised his trade value. The Jets were reportedly searching for a fourth-round pick in exchange for Mims this summer, but it's hard to imagine any team would be willing to pay that price.

Still, it's probably worth seeing what the Jets actually could get for Mims considering he isn't really a part of the gameplan. The Elijah Moore situation complicates matters and might make it less likely that Mims is traded.

After all, the Jets probably shouldn't be giving away competent wide receivers given Moore's contentious situation.

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But if the Jets are comfortable with Moore's status and willing to budge a little, trading Mims still makes a lot of sense.