5 NY Jets players who could be traded before tomorrow's deadline

NY Jets, Denzel Mims
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3. Elijah Moore, WR, NY Jets

The Jets have made it clear that they have no intentions to trade wide receiver Elijah Moore despite his recent trade request. But that doesn't mean it isn't going to happen.

Moore officially requested a trade from the team a little over a week ago citing his lack of usage in the Jets' offense among other things. After sitting out in Week 7, Moore returned to the field this past Sunday.

However, his return likely didn't go exactly how he had planned.

Moore was on the field for just 10 snaps in Week 8, failing to haul in his only target. The second-year wide receiver is firmly in the team's doghouse and it's unclear when/if he will return to his prior starting role.

Moore is undoubtedly a talented player and one of the best wide receivers on the Jets' roster, but it's worth wondering if the team should strike while the iron is hot and trade him while his value is still high.

After all, if Moore is left in the doghouse and whittles away on the bench for the remainder of the season, his trade value will undoubtedly diminish. On top of that, is it worth keeping a guy in the locker room who is vocally unhappy?

These are the questions Joe Douglas will have to answer over the next 24 hours. It still seems likely that Moore is on the Jets' roster past Tuesday's deadline, but it's not a formality despite what the team might insist.