5 NY Jets players who shined in the Hall of Fame Game

Zach Wilson and others impressed in the Hall of Fame Game
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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2. Joe Tippmann, C, NY Jets

Joe Tippmann was one of the only players to play all four quarters for the Jets on Thursday. At least by my count, he was on the field for every offensive snap — and you didn't hear his name called once.

While the Jets struggled to get much going on the ground, their pass protection was pretty solid for most of the night. Tippmann more than held his own against a pretty deep Browns defensive line.

The rookie second-round pick has been exclusively working with the third-team offense in training camp, meaning that this was the first time he even snapped to Zach Wilson in live reps.

The Jets gave Tippmann an extended look, and he made the most of it. Here's to hoping that helps him climb up the depth chart as the summer progresses.

1. Bryce Huff, DE, NY Jets

Bryce Huff had no business being on the field in this game. While the Jets opted to sit most of their important defensive players, Huff was active, and he received snaps in every quarter on Thursday night.

He quickly made his presence felt, too, picking up a sack in the first quarter. There's probably an argument to be made that he shouldn't have even been playing, but that might say more about how the Jets view him in relation to the depth chart than anything.

Huff and rookie Will McDonald were both active in the backfield for much of the night. The Jets did only manage one sack, but that was primarily because the Browns were doing everything possible to get the ball out of the hands of their quarterback as quickly as possible.

It still seems unlikely that Huff has a role on this Jets' roster if everyone is healthy, but he could make an intriguing trade chip before Week 1. If anything, his extended playing time might have been an early audition.