5 more NY Jets players who might've played their final game with the team

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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Following a disappointing end to the 2022 season that saw the NY Jets lost their final six games, this Jets roster figures to undergo plenty of upheaval this offseason. Perhaps not as much as in recent years, but there will still be turnovers.

A number of players on the roster have likely played their final game with the organization. Whether these players were one-year stop gaps or long-tenured members of the team, the result is the same.

We released a similar story a few weeks ago detailing five players who likely played their final game with the franchise. If you don't see a player on this list that you believe belongs, they're probably on that first list.

This article will leave a bit more room for debate as the following five players could all be brought back, but the safer bet is to assume they don't play another game with the Jets. Let's dive in and see which players we're talking about.

5. Vinny Curry, DE, NY Jets

The Jets re-signed Vinny Curry last April after the veteran defensive end missed the entirety of his first season with the organization due to a rare blood disorder. Rather than retire, Curry opted to come back and play a rotational role with the Jets in 2022.

As part of a deep defensive end rotation, Curry didn't exactly light up the stat sheet, but he did his job and played a meaningful rotational role. It seems unlikely the Jets bring him back, however.

Curry will turn 35 years old in June and the Jets have more than enough depth to survive in his absence. The likes of Jermaine Johnson, Micheal Clemons, Bryce Huff, and others should take on larger roles in 2023.

Curry's return was a heartwarming story this past season, but the Jets don't need him. It would make more sense to give his snaps to younger players next season.