5 NY Jets mistakes that doomed the team in 2023

The Jets need to avoid making these five mistakes again

NY Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson
NY Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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2. Giving Nathaniel Hackett full control of the offense

Nathaniel Hackett seems only able to have success in today’s NFL with one singular quarterback: Aaron Rodgers.

The Jets 2023 training camp and offensive scheme completely revolved around Rodgers. When he went down on the fourth snap of the regular season, it was reported that Hackett did very little to try and adjust to his new personnel.

The Jets need offensive coaches who can adapt on the fly, especially when key playmakers are injured.

The AP 2023 Coach of the Year is Kevin Stefanski, who took the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs with the Comeback Player of the Year Joe Flacco (let’s save the 'Breece Hall should’ve been CPOY’ rant for another time). Flacco was his fourth starting quarterback due to injury, and he wasn’t even on the roster to begin the year.

Meanwhile, Hackett showed us the year prior that he struggled to make adjustments with the Denver Broncos. This year under Sean Payton, Russell Wilson rose from 27th in QBR to eighth overall.

That is an astounding jump for a veteran player. Hackett may not be entirely to blame for both Russell Wilson’s and Zach Wilson’s struggles, but he sure did not help.

In 2024, the Jets must have a contingency plan if Rodgers is unable to play. Leaving Hackett to run the offensive side of the ball himself will lead to the demise of the entire coaching staff and yet another losing season for the ninth year straight.