5 NY Jets most affected by the Dalvin Cook signing

Who is most affected by the Dalvin Cook signing?
NY Jets, Dalvin Cook
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4. The NY Jets offensive line

Yes, the offensive line is an entire unit of players as opposed to just one player, but this unit is certainly impacted by this signing. Unlike Knight, Cook's presence should have a very positive impact on a unit that is looking to bounce back from a year marred by a rash of injuries, inconsistencies, and overall abysmal numbers.

For all the talk being made of Dalvin Cook "losing a step," he still averaged 4.4 yards per carry behind an offensive line that was below average when completely healthy.

If the Jets' line can remain relatively healthy, they should perform better than Minnesota's did last year. They will benefit from having a back with the vision and burst of Dalvin Cook to explode through the right holes.

To compare, even Zonovan Knight, who "broke out" last season, still only had an average of 3.5 yards per carry last year. Cook's 4.4 last year is the lowest of his career, but again, his offensive line wasn't as good as in previous years.

Even with a few injuries on the Jets line, Cook figures to be able to get 'something out of nothing' more often than not like he has done for most of his career, which will certainly help the stock of this heavily-scrutinized unit.

Breece Hall can certainly make the most out of small holes as well, but it never hurts to add a Pro Bowl player such as Cook to make it easier on the line when Hall is resting.

3. Aaron Rodgers, QB, NY Jets

Rodgers is a big reason why Cook signed with the Jets, as the latter has said he was looking to follow Rodgers and finally team up with him after years as an adversary.

This must've been music to Rodgers' ears, as he also had some glowing remarks for his newest teammate as they prepare to try to compete for a Super Bowl together.

Perhaps the biggest value Cook brings to this whole team is taking the pressure off of Rodgers' arm for the entirety of the season. Rodgers will turn 40 during this season, so it will be important to manage his attempts while the Jets try to make a long run into the postseason.

The Green Bay Packers have successfully run a two-headed committee for years, most recently with Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon. Dalvin Cook and Breece Hall figure to be an even more formidable duo than that one, both with explosive play ability and dual-threat skills that make defenses key in every single time either one (or both) of them are on the field.

What a treat for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.