5 notable NY Jets storylines to follow on 'Hard Knocks'

Which storylines should Jets fans prepare to see on Hard Knocks?
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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2. Zach Wilson embracing his new role as a backup

Aaron Rodgers isn't the only quarterback on the Jets' roster that will receive media attention this summer. Even though he isn't a starter anymore, the spotlight will still be squarely on Zach Wilson.

The second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Wilson has fallen well short of expectations through his first two years with the Jets. Now, Wilson has been relegated to the role of backup entering the 2023 season.

The NFL Films crew will no doubt highlight the fact that Wilson will now be serving as the primary backup to his mentor, Aaron Rodgers. Prepare for plenty of Rodgers/Wilson content this summer.

You also have to remember that while Rodgers will still see plenty of action in practice, it's highly likely that Wilson will be QB1 for most of the preseason. That means even more content for "Hard Knocks" to analyze.

Wilson has said all the right things this offseason. He's been humble and expressed a desire to bounce back following a disastrous first two years in the NFL. That attitude should serve him well as he hopes to be portrayed in a positive light to a national audience.

The Jets certainly hope that Wilson won't play a pivotal role in the team's success in 2023, but few players on the roster will have more eyeballs on them this summer.

The Zach Wilson storyline will be one of the primary narratives on "Hard Knocks."