5 most anticipated games on the 2023 NY Jets schedule

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2. NY Jets vs. Kansas City Chiefs

In previous years, the thought of taking on Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and the loaded Kansas City Chiefs would be a daunting task for the Jets, and a game many fans didn't look forward to, but in Week 4, this will be a chance for this up and coming Jets squad to gauge how they stack up against the AFC's best.

With a balanced defense led by the league's best cornerback duo and an All-Pro up front, the Jets are one of the few teams in the AFC with the defense to potentially slow down the Chiefs juggernaut, but it's the offense of New York that will be key in this one.

After three games, Rodgers and the Jets theoretically should be humming along, as the four-time MVP has the talent and leadership to adjust early in the season, and if the Jets are at their best, this could be a massive statement-making game.