5 most anticipated games on the 2023 NY Jets schedule

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4. Week 8: NY Jets vs. New York Giants

While the New York Jets and New York Giants don't often face each other, the natural rivalry that comes with sharing a stadium will always be games that fans look towards, and with both taking major leaps in 2022, this will be arguably the best matchup these two teams have ever had with one another.

Both teams have built great depth and have stars all over the field, and after a tough stretch to start the year, this game comes out of the Jets' bye week and could be critical to the outcome of their season if they don't start the way they expect.

Every game on the schedule is important, but when two teams that share a stadium compete and their fans can all gather in one place, it makes for a fantastic atmosphere, and with both teams on the rise, they should give those fans a show in Week 8.