5 players most integral to the NY Jets' success in 2022

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
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NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Kevin R. Wexler-NorthJersey.com / USA

1. Zach Wilson, QB, NY Jets

This one should have been obvious. The other four players on this list are important to the Jets' success in 2022, but none have the potential to make or break the season quite like Zach Wilson does.

The Jets have done their part this offseason. They've revamped their roster and surrounded Wilson with a more-than-adequate supporting cast on offense and a defense that, at a bare minimum, should be respectable.

Even if injuries happen and things go wrong (which they always do), the Jets have the depth to survive at most positions on the roster. This is a roster that should be able to play competitive football well into December.

But all of that will come down to Zach Wilson.

Wilson was legitimately bad for most of his rookie season. Yes, his supporting cast was far from ideal and injuries decimated the roster around him, but it's hard to look at Wilson's rookie year as anything other than a disappointment.

He has the potential to change all of that in 2022. It'll be his second year in the system and he has more than enough talent to help him succeed.

The Jets don't need him to be Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes, but they need him to be considerably better than he was last year. With competent quarterback play, the Jets could legitimately compete for the postseason this year.

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But if Wilson puts together another year like last season, not only will the Jets likely flounder, but they very well might be searching for a new QB yet again.