5 forgotten NY Jets who signed with new teams for 2024

Which former Jets signed with new teams this offseason?
C.J. Uzomah
C.J. Uzomah / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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There are a lot of new faces in the NY Jets team photo this season. That has been well documented. With all the positive mojo the Jets have going into the season, it's easy to forget about some of the guys who played a large role in 2023, whether that be for better or worse.

Here are five of the 2023 Jets who played important roles last season and joined other organizations in the offseason. Some of them might be missed, and some certainly won't.

1. C.J. Uzomah, TE

New Team: Philadelphia Eagles

The Jets expected more from C.J. Uzomah when they signed him in 2021. Coming off a 49-catch, 493-yard season in Cincinnati in 2021, the Jets hoped they had a serious weapon at tight end. Instead, he managed just 21 receptions for 232 yards in 15 games in 2022.

This past season, it only got worse. Appearing in just 12 games due to an MCL injury, Uzomah finished the season with eight receptions and 58 yards. That would be a solid game, but it's a disastrous 12-game season, and far from what was expected from him when the Jets handed him $15 million in guarantees in 2021.

It's hard to blame him for all of it. Part of the issue has to be pinned on the hideous quarterback play. If Aaron Rodgers was delivering him the ball instead last year, it's fair to assume that his numbers wouldn't be nearly so low. He also has the reputation as a solid run-blocker, so it's not as if his presence on the field has been totally useless either.

Regardless of how you slice up the blame pie for his disappointing tenure on the Jets, the result was less than ideal. So now, after being released from the team and signing with Philadelphia on a one-year deal, Uzomah hopes to resurrect his career.

Considered a rock-solid starting-caliber tight end going into the 2022 season, Uzomah now hopes to simply maintain a backup job behind Dallas Goedert. He joins the list of forgotten Jets from an era fans wish they could forget altogether.