5 biggest non-QB needs on the NY Jets roster this offseason

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5. The NY Jets need to address wide receiver

I could've gone with the defensive tackle position, but depending on how they feel about Denzel Mims, the Jets might only have two viable receiver options on the whole roster. This is yet another position that Joe Douglas has tried to solve every single offseason that he's been with the Jets.

He signed Breshad Perriman and drafted Denzel Mims in 2020, signed Corey Davis and drafted Elijah Moore in 2021, then drafted Garrett Wilson with the 11th overall pick in 2022. Of all of those attempts, only Wilson and Moore figure to have prominent roles for the foreseeable Jets' future, and even Moore's role was very much in doubt this season.

Corey Davis is an obvious cut candidate who hasn't produced a fraction of what he's been paid. 29th highest salary among receivers, yet his 536 receiving yards rank 59th among his peers — astonishingly up from his 492 receiving yards last year that ranked 68th among receivers.

Mims is the wild card who looked good as a rookie in 2020 before being demoted multiple times under former offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur.

Like Davis, he's a difference-maker in the run game and serves as the team's largest active receiver, but if we mentioned Davis' yardage totals, we can note that Mims's total career yardage is 676. He's far from a proven commodity at this point in his career.

Given that need for a 'proven commodity,' this is the one and only position on this list where I wouldn't even entertain the idea of drafting a rookie. Depending on what is done at QB, there are really two schools of thought to follow.

If picks are traded to acquire their star QB, then look at the free agency pool to get a young, big-bodied receiver such as Allen Lazard, (27 years old, 6-foot-5) or D.J. Chark (26 years old, 6-foot-4). If no picks are traded, this would mean a lesser QB was acquired, and it would be worth considering making a deal for top-tier talent.

Acquiring a premium receiver would drastically impact the way the entire NFL views the offense, and my colleague Justin Fried discussed multiple trade scenarios that could send DeAndre Hopkins to New York. The impact of pulling off a deal of this magnitude cannot be overstated — the Jets would have a top-three receiver trio at worst.

There are even rumors surrounding consistent Pro Bowler Keenan Allen, and as we've seen with the Cleveland Browns' surprise trade for Amari Cooper last year, there's always a price to be had for a premium receiver in the league.

Can Joe Douglas actually get a deal like that done? Tyreek Hill was a failure. A.J. Brown and Deebo Samuel were both smoke and mirrors. If the Jets can finally strike gold and find themselves in a situation where there is some sort of debate about who WR1 is, (Wilson/Hopkins, Wilson/Allen, Wilson/Adams), that makes the life of that lesser QB significantly easier.

But of course, no one will complain if it's Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, or Lamar Jackson at the helm with Garrett Wilson and Lazard/Chark on the outsides and Moore being that shifty slot stud we all know him to be.

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Will any of these scenarios play out, or are the Jets destined to give the incumbent Wilson-Mims-Moore trio a try?