4 wide receivers the NY Jets can trade for before the 2023 NFL Draft

NY Jets, Mike Evans
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4. The NY Jets could trade for Courtland Sutton

The Denver Broncos have reportedly been shopping two of their top wide receivers this offseason. Despite head coach Sean Payton insisting the team has no plans to trade them, it seems as though they'd be willing to move them for the right price.

The price point has been the sticking point when it comes to both Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy. First, let's discuss the possibility of the jets trading for Sutton.

The 40th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, Sutton has developed into a quality NFL receiver with the Broncos. He's finished with at least 700 yards in all four of his healthy seasons, although he did miss essentially all of the 2020 season due to a torn ACL.

Sutton's best year came in 2019 when he finished with 72 catches for 1,112 yards and six touchdowns en route to his first, and so far only, career Pro Bowl.

The former SMU standout isn't a No. 1 receiver, but he's settled into a nice role as a strong WR2 in the Broncos' offense. The issue with trading for him largely stems from his contract.

Sutton has a cap hit of over $18 million in 2023 and a cap hit of over $17 million in 2024 and 2025, although there are outs in the contract after this year. Per Broncos insider Benjamin Allbright, teams are only offering around a fifth-round pick for Sutton, while Denver is asking for a second.

Because of that, it seems unlikely that Sutton is moved this offseason. But if the Broncos are willing to lower their asking price, there's a chance the Jets would bite. He would certainly improve their receiver room.