4 WRs the NY Jets could target after missing out on Odell Beckham Jr.

NY Jets, DeAndre Hopkins
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After news broke that Odell Beckham Jr. was signing with the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, it was evident that the NY Jets were not going to ever match the whopping one-year, $15 million guaranteed deal Baltimore decided to hand him.

This signing means a continuation of the Jets' search for a wide receiver to round out the unit, forcing them now to pivot to other options.

4. The NY Jets could draft Jaxon Smith-Njigba

After missing out on Beckham, addressing the wide receiver position in the draft has become a far more likely future than it was before. While the consensus pick for the Jets at 13 has been offensive tackle, a scenario in which they take the Ohio State standout is not out of the question, especially if there is a run on tackle in the opening 12 picks of this year's draft.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba would round out the wide receiver corps beautifully with his role, somewhat replacing Elijah Moore as a player who thrives primarily in the slot but could potentially be used more on the outside as his career progresses.

Smith-Njigba, at 6-foot, 196 pounds, possesses a build highly similar to former Ohio State teammate Garrett Wilson. Despite Joe Douglas tending to go for faster receivers than 4.52 Smith-Njigba, he remains a player with an incredibly well-rounded skillset and has been hailed as the WR1 of this draft class by many in the media.

In his three years at Ohio State, Smith-Njigba showcased excellent YAC ability and showed some flashes of outside receiver potential when it came to contested catches.

2021 was a standout year for him where he amassed 1,606 receiving yards and nine touchdowns before a hamstring injury in 2022 left him limited to just three games for the Buckeyes.

Not only is his health a very legitimate concern, but the offensive line should probably be prioritized more in this draft, and, in particular, at pick 13. Smith-Njigba should not be the Plan A now that Beckham is out of the question, but there is a chance that we see him in a Jets jersey come next season.