4 under-the-radar wide receivers the NY Jets can trade for

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4. The NY Jets can trade for Allen Lazard

This is perhaps the longest shot given the Packers' current offensive situation, but it should definitely be an option to explore by the Jets front office.

Green Bay is currently employing a massively (over?) paid quarterback in Aaron Rodgers that is quite old already and has not a lot of options when it comes to throwing passes around the field.

Other than Allen Lazard, there are no reliable pass-catchers in the Frozen Tundra these days after Davante Adams bolted away to play football in Las Vegas.

If Lazard feels isolated in the Packers offense and opts to hand in a trade request, the Jets could jump at him. Lazard has played the WR2 role throughout his four-year career. That's what happens when you align in the same offense as top-tier WR Adams.

Even in a limited role, Lazard has averaged more than 12.8 yards per reception in all of the last three seasons, he's coming off a 40-reception, 513-yard, eight-touchdown year in 2021, and his deal is expiring after the 2022 season is over.

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The Packers can't afford any more losses from their barebones offense, but they might turn into rebuilding the whole receiving unit via draftees to try and squeeze the last drops of fuel remaining in Rodgers' tank.