4 reasons the Nathaniel Hackett hire is a good thing for the NY Jets

NY Jets, Nathaniel Hackett
NY Jets, Nathaniel Hackett / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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I don't like the Nathaniel Hackett hire. I'm sure that might be a confusing statement given the headline, but Hackett was one of my least favorite options the NY Jets were considering to be their next offensive coordinator.

Hackett's unimpressive resume as an offensive coordinator combined with his disastrous stint with the Denver Broncos make him an uninspiring choice for Gang Green. Now that that's out of the way, let's be positive.

This is the offseason after all. It's a time for optimism and hope for all 32 NFL franchises. And as the self-proclaimed kings of the offseason, Jets fans know how to spin anything into a positive.

So that brings us to Hackett. Why could this move work out for the Jets? What about Hackett's resume did the Jets like? Why is this a good thing? Let's take a look at a few potential positive takeaways from the hire.

4. Red-zone success

One of the reasons the Jets fired former offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur, in the first place, was due to the team's extensive struggles in the red zone.

The Jets failed to score a touchdown in each of their final three games of the season and finished with the second-worst red-zone offense in the NFL. Hackett, however, has found plenty of success inside his opponent's 20-yard line.

Hackett worked very closely with the Packers' red-zone offense in Green Bay (that was his primary responsibility), and he helped formulate the best red-zone offense in the NFL since 1999. The 2020 Packers team scored a touchdown on 77 percent of their red-zone trips.

Once Hackett left in 2022, the Packers fell all the way to 23rd in red-zone efficiency. There's more at play than just the coaching staff, but Hackett's work with the Packers' red-zone offense is part of what got him hired in Denver.

The Jets likely took that into account as well.