4 questions the NY Jets must answer against the Steelers in Week 4: Zach Wilson edition

NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Robert Saleh / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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3. Will the NY Jets' offensive line issues limit Zach Wilson's ability to be consistent?

The offensive line was a big issue for Zach Wilson in his rookie season. While there is blame on both sides considering Wilson held onto the ball for too long, the unit didn't put their quarterback in a good spot many times early on in the year.

General manager Joe Douglas spent a lot of money this offseason to try and improve the offensive line. Unfortunately, due to injury and underwhelming play three games into the 2022 season, there is skepticism about how the line will hold up for Wilson's debut as he comes off a scary knee injury.

The main issue is the left tackle position where Conor McDermott will be starting. McDermott has struggled often when he has been on the field, which does not bode well for the offensive game plan.

The Jets will likely need to compensate with tight ends blocking on the line as well as a game plan structured around running the ball and making quick passes (neither of which are a bad thing, but the level of execution must be high considering it likely what the Steelers will be expecting).

In his first game back, it will likely take Wilson a bit more time to process his reads and make decisions.

With the worry at left tackle, in particular, the Jets will be crossing their fingers that the issue doesn't create a scenario where Wilson is running for his life and improvise more often than desired.