4 questions the NY Jets still need to answer this summer

NY Jets, Braxton Berrios, Michael Carter
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NY Jets, Braxton Berrios / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

3. Who will be the NY Jets' top slot receiver?

The Jets have completely revamped their wide receiver room over the last two offseasons with the likes of Elijah Moore, Corey Davis, and Garrett Wilson now occupying the top of the team's receiver depth chart.

The team was also able to re-sign the ever-reliable Braxton Berrios this offseason despite rumors that he could depart. The result is a receiver room that's legitimately four-deep.

All four players will likely receive their share of playing time, although it remains unclear just how many snaps each will see. And on that note, it's also unclear where each player will be lining up.

The Jets love to have versatility among their wide receivers as they've constructed a receiver room full of players who can line up all over the formation. Each of the Jets' top four receivers can play anywhere from X to Z to in the slot.

That's really the way of the modern NFL anyway. The league is all about versatility and position-less football now, and in no scheme is that truer than the Kyle Shanahan system.

The Jets will likely utilize all four players in the slot, but which of the four will see the most work inside? My guess would be either Moore or Wilson, but don't rule out Berrios seeing plenty of work there as well.

Whereas Moore and Wilson could be split out at the Z position, Berrios is more of a slot-exclusive player. Perhaps we'll have a better idea of how the Jets will use their wide receiver after the summer.