4 questions the NY Jets must answer against the Ravens in Week 1

NY Jets, Joe Flacco
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4. Will the NY Jets offensive line be able to hold up in its current state?

Finally, the offensive line has suddenly become a massive question mark due to multiple injuries sustained at the tackle position.

Mekhi Becton was ruled out for the season, and now it appears the backup plan Duane Brown is dealing with a serious injury that will keep him out Week 1.

The tackle situation will now feature George Fant on the left side and Max Mitchell on the right side, which is a bit of an ominous sign for the opener.

Fant is dealing with a knee injury of his own and has already started practicing in preparation to play on the right side of the line. While he is versatile, asking a player to switch back and forth from a different side of the line to the other can't be a good thing.

Meanwhile, Max Mitchell is a fourth-round pick with potential, but it was never envisioned that he would play meaningful snaps in 2022, nonetheless to start the season.

There is a scenario where Flacco is on the ground often and the running game isn't able to develop because of the injuries and lack of continuity of the offensive line.

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Ideally, the interior of the line and Fant can be good enough to keep things stable so that whether it is a run or pass play called, there is an opportunity for success after the snap.